Kickin' Compost Sales

The CSRD is selling Columbia Shuswap Kickin' Compost!

Columbia Shuswap Kickin' Compost is a soil supplement, not a soil replacement. The humus created in the composting process can add valuable fertilizer to aid in plant growth, increase the organic matter in the soil, increase water retention, and help attract beneficial organisms such as earthworms.

The CSRD currently produces compost from the yard and garden waste at the Salmon Arm Landfill.Hand Holding Compost

Grass clippings, leaves, prunings, and shrubs disposed of by the public is ground up and placed into composting rows, which are then turned periodically and tested for temperature and moisture content. Lab tests are conducted according to Ministry of Environment criteria, and the compost meets all health and safety parameters. No biosolids are used in the manufacture of Columbia Shuswap Kickin' Compost.

Where You Can Buy It

Kickin' Compost is available at the following sites as volumes and supply permits.

Cost is $10 per cubic meter and self-loading occurs at each site. No site loading of compost is available unless noted:

  • Salmon Arm Landfill
  • Green Farms Nursery, 2581 50 Street NE, Salmon Arm (Green Farms will load compost for customers for an extra charge. Contact Green Farms for pricing.)
  • Scotch Creek Transfer Station
  • Skimikin Transfer Station
  • Falkland Transfer Station
  • Sicamous Landfill
  • Malakwa Transfer Station
  • Revelstoke Landfill
  • Golden Landfill

Directions for Use

For flowerbeds, gardens, and planters, compost should be mixed no more than 1/3 by volume with topsoil or potting soil. Too much compost can actually be detrimental to plants.

For lawns for top dressing of lawns add a maximum of 1 centimeter of compost once every two years. Do not smother the grass blades.

Take Care

Remember to wash hands after handling. Do not exceed the recommended amounts in the Directions for Use above.