Sewer System Acquisition Strategy

Program Information

The CSRD currently has four Liquid Waste Management Plans (LWMPs), which strive to protect public health and the environment by ensuring that liquid waste is properly managed today and in the future. Each of the LWMPs recommend the development of a sewer system acquisition policy to define the terms and conditions under which the CSRD would acquire community sewer systems. To follow through, a Sewer System Acquisition Strategy was developed and finalized by the CSRD in 2011.

This strategy outlines the framework of policies and practices which will guide all future decisions related to community sewer system acquisition, assessment and operations. These policies and assessment procedures have been written to specifically minimize the CSRD's risk and maximize benefits to sewer system users. Owners/Developers are invited to apply to the CSRD to have a system considered for acquisition.

New Sewer Systems

New developments with over 50 connections can make an application that ownership and operation of the proposed sewer system be transferred to the CSRD. The CSRD will review each application on a case-by-case basis and is under no obligation to assume ownership and operation of the sewer system. Should the CSRD agree to acquire the sewer system, the Developer/Owner would be required to enter into a Utility Master Agreement with the CSRD. The sewer system would then be constructed to CSRD standards and transferred to the CSRD upon completion with a warranty and reserve contribution in place.

How It Works

Developers/Owners are encouraged to review the Sewer System Acquisition Strategy for details and application requirements.

The Sewer System Acquisition Strategy includes the following steps:

  • Developer/Owner meets with CSRD and Ministry of Environment (MOE) to discuss proposed system.
  • If feasible, the Developer/Owner and the CSRD enter into a Utility Master Agreement.
  • Developer/Owner registers the system with the MOE.
  • Developer/Owner provides CSRD with detailed engineering design.
  • Works and Services Agreement established between the Developer and the CSRD.
  • CSRD seeks assent and establishes a service area.
  • Developer/Owner constructs system to meet MOE and CSRD requirements.
  • Developer makes a contribution of 10% of the value of the system or $50,000 (whichever is greater)
  • Following a one-year warranty period, a Transfer Agreement is then signed between the CSRD and the Developer/Owner.

Forms & Guidelines