Backyard Composting

Composting with worms - called vermicomposting - is a great way for those who haven't got the outdoor space to compost their organics.  The finished product (called castings) is a rich soil amendment that can be used as you would use any finished compost.

Composting is the natural process of decay resulting in a nutrient rich soil called humus. Living organisms, like worms, bacteria, and beetles, help break down organic material to produce compost. Organic materials, that originate from your yard and your kitchen account for 30% of the material entering the landfill. By composting organics, valuable space can be saved in landfills, and fees for disposal of these items can be eliminated.


The CSRD FreeGarden EARTH incentive program was so successful, we've sold out!  If you would like your name added to a wait list, please fill out the composter Application Form and you will be notified when a composter becomes available.

HINT: Small items will decompose faster. Chop materials into pieces as small as possible. This will help to speed up the process. Use the lawn mower to chop up coarse garden prunings.

Compost Sales

The CSRD has been producing yard and garden waste compost in the Salmon Arm and Revelstoke Landfills. 

Columbia Shuswap Kickin' Compost Sales Information

Additional Information  
Yard and Garden Compost Drop Off Information Link
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Master Composter/Recycler Program

Periodically, the CSRD offers a Master Composter/Recycler program.  This program is designed to provide intensive training to participants on composting techniques and recycling programs throughout the region.  Participants are then asked to volunteer 35 hours in the community to help others learn about the benefits and how-to's of composting, recycling, and general waste reduction.  Volunteers may assist in a variety of ways such as:

  • Volunteering at recycling fairs
  • Having displays at community events
  • Hosting backyard garden parties to educate family and friends about composting
  • Setting up composting displays
  • Putting up posters to help advertise upcoming waste reduction events

If you are interested in participating in the program, please fill out the Master Composter/Recycler Application Form.