Banned/Prohibited Waste

Prohibited Waste

Refuse Disposal Facilities Tipping Fee and Regulation Bylaw No. 5542 prohibits various items from disposal at refuse disposal sites as well as prohibiting other items from burial at refuse disposal sites. 

Those items that are prohibited from disposal (ie. will not be accepted at all) are as follows:

  • auto hulks & tires
  • biomedical waste
  • farm animal carcasses and farm animal body parts
  • empty waste containers unless they are crushed, shredded or reduced in volume to the maximum practical extent
  • ignitable wastes
  • liquids and semi-solid wastes except as permitted in this bylaw
  • log yard wastes
  • PCB's
  • radioactive wastes
  • reactive wastes
  • solid waste that is on fire or smoldering

The following items will be accepted at refuse disposal sites, but are prohibited from burial (ie. they will be composted, recycled, etc.):

  • construction and demolition wastes that have been designated as recyclable or reusable by the Regional District
  • recyclable wastes including, but not limited to: corrugated cardboard, directories, lead acid batteries, paper fibres
  • propane tanks, scrap metal, white goods, food cans, glass jars and containers
  • hazardous waste, except permitted by bylaw
  • liquids and semi-solid wastes, except as permitted by bylaw
  • yard and garden waste
  • items listed in Schedules of the Recycling Regulation provided there are opportunities to recycle listed items
  • items deemed to be marketable or recyclable by the Regional District