Area C Parks and Recreation Master Plan

What is a Parks and Recreation Master Plan?

The Regional District is in the process of conducting a Parks and Recreation Master Plan for Area C. The purpose of the plan is to engage the citizens of Electoral Area C including; facility user groups, cultural and sports organizations, First Nations, seniors and youth organizations and the general community at large, in a comprehensive process that will assist in determining what the community wants in terms of parks, outdoor recreation and cultural services over the next 20 years. The Plan will identify park needs, analyze local characteristics and issues that could affect park acquisition and development, identify opportunities for expansion or creation of new parks, and provide strategic level planning for the development of the area’s parks and outdoor facilities.

The CSRD has engaged Lees & Associates to undertake a new Area C Master Parks and Recreation Plan.  As the project advances, Lees & Associates will be providing the Area C Parks Advisory Committee and CSRD staff with a series of Technical Memos which summarize progress to date.  Technical Memo #1 provides a brief analysis of parks, recreation and cultural facilities within Area C. Technical Memo #2 summarizes community engagement through random telephone surveys, online surveys, First Nations consultation, key stakeholder meetings, staff interviews and community open houses and outlines key findings.

The Technical Memos have been reviewed by the Area C Parks Advisory Committee as well as the Area Director. The completed Area C Parks and Recreation Master Plan will be reviewed and approved by the CSRD Board of Directors once completed. 

Technical Memo #1
Technical Memo #2
Technical Memo #3
Communication Plan
Area C Parks Master Plan RFP


What will it give us?

It will give the community a twenty year plan that will:

  • Provide a vision and complementary guiding principles for the provision of parks, trails, recreation and culture services within Electoral Area C.
  • Clearly identify what parks/trails, recreation and cultural facilities and services are the most important to the citizens of South Shuswap (CSRD: Area C) and outline the community’s future needs and priorities.  
  • Assess the current parkland and facility deficiencies or surpluses.
  • Provide recommendations for any major park related projects or parkland acquisitions.


When will the community see the final result?

The Draft Priorities for Parks in Electoral Area C are now available for public review and comments.  Open Houses will be held at the Blind Bay Community Hall on Wednesday, May 10 from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM and Sunnybrae Community Hall on Thursday, May 11th from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM.  You can also provide comments via the online survey (link below) which will be open until Friday, June 2nd.  

Area C Parks and More Information
Draft Parks Master Plan Summary
Public Survey




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