Regulating Vacation Rentals in Electoral Area B

CSRD planning staff held a meeting in Revelstoke on July 23rd, 2015 to present options on how to bring existing vacation rentals into compliance with Zoning Bylaw No. 851. 

  • The brochure provided at the meeting is available here
  • A PDF version of the presentation given is available here
  • More information on Development and Planning can be found here

Since the meeting, the CSRD has received clarification from the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) regarding Vacation Rentals proposed within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).  See below for details:

  • An ALR application for non-farm use permission will be required if proposing to rezone to “Vacation Rental.”
  • Non-farm use permission will be required if the Vacation Rental proposes any purpose built structures beyond a single family residence (including carriage houses) used for rental.
  • Non-farm use permission is not required for Vacation Rentals as long as:
    • A Temporary Use Permit application is made to rent out the existing residence for vacation rentals to a single party with no additional footprint and alteration to the property as well as no other non-farm related activities (commercial weddings, other non-farm businesses, special events etc.). 

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