Building Permit Application Process

New Building Regulation & Inspection Service

Step 1 – Application

the property owner will submit a complete application that details the type of construction, alteration or repair and the value of the proposed work and the other documents on this list. At this time the Building Permit Application Fee of $72.00 will be paid.

Step 2 – Permit Review

the application and plans will be reviewed by CSRD staff for compliance with the CSRD Building Bylaw, the BC Building Code, and local Zoning Bylaw regulations, and Development Permit Area guidelines in the applicable Official Community Plan (OCP). If it is found that a development permit is necessary than the property owner will be contacted. Compliance with other agency approval processes will also be reviewed.

Step 3 – Permit Issuance

once the review is complete the property owner will be contacted to pick up their permit and pay the Building Permit Fee. The Building Permit is to be posted conspicuously on the site and legible from the road during the entire execution of the work. All plans, specifications and supporting documents which a permit was based on, all inspection certificates and all professional field reviews are to be available on site during normal working hours.

Step 4 – Inspections

The CSRD will perform six (6) on site building inspections, with forty-eight (48) hours’ notice from the property owner, at key points of construction which are:

1. Footing construction (before concrete) – Site preparation and excavation to good native bearing, footing forms before concrete is poured

2. Pre-Backfill – installation of perimeter drainage pipe and drain rock, the preparation of ground including ground cover when required, perimeter insulation of concrete foundation walls and dampproofing if required

3. Under slab plumbing rough in – after the installation of hydronic heating pipes and below ground insulation, rough in plumbing, radon depressurization system and building services before they are covered

4. Framing construction – framing (including decking where deck serves as roof), sheathing, fire stopping (including drywall in fire separations), bracing, chimney and ductwork, rough-in of factory built chimneys and fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances, rough in wiring, rough plumbing, rough heating, gas venting, exterior doors and windows, but prior to the installation of insulation, interior finishes, sheathing paper or exterior finishes which would conceal such work

5. Insulation and vapour barrier and air barrier – the installation of wall sheathing membrane, internally and externally applied vapour barrier or air barrier, stucco wire or lath, and flashings, but prior to the installation of interior and exterior finishes which could conceal such work

6. Final Inspection – the health and safety aspects of the work when the building or structure is substantially complete, ready for occupancy but prior to occupancy.

Step 5 – Issued Final Occupancy Certificate

Once the Final Inspection is completed and passed and all outstanding documentation is handed in the CSRD will issue a Final Occupancy Certificate.