Recycling Depots

Your Depot Recycling Program changed January 1, 2015.

  • More items will be accepted for recycling
  • Depot users will need to sort recyclables into six (6) categories (curbside recycling does NOT need to be sorted)

1. Containers includes plastic, metal, and paper that contained liquid (i.e. disposable coffee cups)

2. Paper includes printed paper, cardboard, and packaging of dry goods

3. Plastic bags

4. White styrofoam

5. Colored styrofoam

6. Glass


  • Depots will only be open during hours of operation
  • Commercially generated recycling will have to be handled separately
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The new partnership allows residents to recycle additional items that are currently not accepted for recycling, such as: aerosol containers, styrofoam, film plastic (plastic bags), and disposable drink cups.

Starting January 1, 2015, the CSRD Depot Recycling Program transitioned to a new industry led recycling program managed by Multi Materials BC (MMBC). The Province of BC added packaging and printed paper (PPP) to the Recycling Regulation, making the industry responsible for the end of life management of the PPP they produce. The Province selected MMBC as the Stewardship group responsible for managing the PPP on behalf of the producers. The CSRD has partnered with MMBC to deliver the residential recycling program at CSRD Resource Recovery Facilities and downtown locations.

Recycling Locations