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How does the OCP Bylaw No. 725 affect me?

If you are planning on completing any development (build a house, garage, commercial business, etc) you should contact CSRD planning staff to see if anything is required such as a development permit.

I am in the process of developing my property; do I need a Development Permit?

The day the OCP is adopted, Development Permit requirements apply.  If you are in the process of developing your property and it triggers any Development Permit requirements, you will need to obtain a permit.  Contact CSRD planning staff to discuss this.

For example, if you are in the middle of building a house and the property is on a slope greater than 30%, you will need to obtain a Hazardous Lands Development Permit (Steep Slope).

I obtained permission from the province/federal government for my development, why do I need to get permission from the CSRD?

Each level of government looks at different aspects of a proposal; what the province/federal government approved may not be what the local government, the CSRD reviews and approves.  We may have different requirements that need to be satisfied prior to beginning work.

It also works in reverse, if the CSRD approves your proposal, you may still need to contact the province/ federal government to see if they have further requirements.

What happens if I didn't realize that I required a Development Permit and the work is done?

If the work was completed after the OCP Bylaw No. 725 was adopted and a Development Permit was required, you will need to obtain one now; an "after the fact" fee will apply.

You should contact CSRD planning staff prior to any development, just in case a permit may be required.

What is a Development Permit?

An OCP may designate Development Permit Areas (DPA) for environmental protection, protection of development from hazardous conditions such as steep slopes, and to guide form and character of some developments. 

Contact CSRD planning staff to see if what you are proposing requires a Development Permit.  You can also find DPA guidelines in the OCP.

What is an Official Community Plan (OCP)?

An OCP is a strategy for land use management, development, and servicing.  It is intended to serve as a statement of the objectives and policies of the CSRD and helps staff and the Board to make land use decisions.

This document is created by the community through public meetings and gatherings, locally elected commissions and committee members.